Rejuvenate Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I still drink alcohol?

This is one only you can answer.  As we mention in the program alcohol is still a toxin, it can promote issues like leaky gut and can fill you up on empty calories.  Assess for yourself how alcohol is affecting your health and your life.  Are you drinking daily?  Or occasionally? Are you using it to ‘self-medicate’? What sort of alcohol are you drinking?  An occasional wine or clean spirit in soda water are your best choices.

Can I do the program while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is best not to start ANY new dietary eating plan or take any new supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding.  So, no – do not do this program while pregnant or breastfeeding.  Wait until after you have finished before commencing any new dietary plan and get the advice of your primary health care professional first.

When do I start the program?

Whenever you like!  There are no hard or fast rules for as to when would be the best time to start.  Just make sure that you are prepared and ready to go.  It is best not to make changes to your daily life over extreme periods of stress and remember this program will take a bit of your time getting organised and cooking.   So if you have a big work deadline coming up or exams – get them over and done with first so you don’t make trying to do the program an additional stress on yourself.

Do I have to follow it all?

No, not at all. You can do parts or just try out some recipes – whatever you like!  There are no set rules.  All we do ask however that you take the time to read through the written content so that you understand the ‘whys’ otherwise as that is what is important.  Also remember not to start the program or take any new supplements without checking in with your primary health care professional first.

Do I have to eat the recommended meal sizes?

We are all about individuality and no-one knows your body like you do.  If you are finding the meal sizes either too big or too small, adjust them to suit you and your needs.

Do I have to take supplements?

We are big believers in the power of real food – so no, you definitely do not need to take any supplements.  Mother Nature packed all the nutrients we need in our food in a way that is best utilised by our body, complete with synergistic nutrients.  So the best thing you can do for your health and body is nourish it with real food.  All that said, sometimes we may need a little help and that may include supplementation, but never start taking anything new without consulting your primary health care professional first.

I’ve got a birthday party coming up, how do I stick to the program?

Enjoy yourself!  The while idea of the program is that it is giving you the tools to enjoy a healthy life and that means also having fun at social occasions.  We have given you some tips for eating out if you want to make healthier choices, but ultimately it is about just enjoying your time with your family or friends and not stressing or worrying about following a ‘diet’.  If you eat a little cake or have a few drinks you have not ‘messed everything up’, you were living, socialising and having a good time and that is also good for your health!

Do I have to follow the menu plan?

No, you can simply use the recipes and make up your own menu plan as you go along.  Like we mentioned before, there is no hard or fast rules for following the program.  Just do what suits you and your style of cooking.

Will I have any ‘detox’ symptoms?

Generally speaking this is just a clean eating plan, so it should not cause you to feel unwell or like you have detox symptoms.  However, if you have been eating a lot of sugary junk foods and not taking care of yourself, you may have some detox symptoms as your body adjusts to the cleaner lifestyle.  These may include a headache or have you feeling like you have a come down with a cold.  These symptoms will quickly pass and not persist.  If you are still not feeling well, it may be that you have actually caught a cold or illness and see your doctor or primary health care professional.

Is this a Paleo plan?

No, this plan is not a Paleo plan.  It contains some elements that may relate back to Paleo (eg. no gluten grains or legumes) but does contain forms of dairy, gluten free grains and potatoes.   It is essentially a clean eating plan with emphasis on nutrient dense foods that nourish your body and provide a boost of anti-aging vitamins and minerals.

Can I do this program if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

Although many of the meals contain meat sources of proteins, you can swap these and make adjustments to include vegetarian sources of protein if you wish.  Many of the recipes are vegetarian friendly as we love you getting a ‘rainbow of colours’ with every meal.

Can my kids do this program?

This is by no means an extreme diet, it is simply a clean eating plan and most of the recipes contained are family friendly.  They after all are just nutrient packed, healthy meals.  However we do not recommend that kids partake in the program as they should not be consuming liver cleansing teas or light meals such as the cleansing meals.  Kids need specific foods for growth and development and it is not recommended that they do any ‘detoxes’ or ‘cleanses’.

Will I lose weight?

If you need to balance your weight, then following a program such as this, that is all about clean eating may help you to shift some unwanted kilos.  Ultimately it is about creating a healthier you and if you need to lose a few kilos, your body will naturally balance out.