Which honey is best? Your ultimate guide to the nectar of Gods


Honey – The nectar of the Gods

Honey has been used as a food and as a medicine for as long as can be traced back in time.  The use of honey is seen throughout various cultures, traditions and civilizations.  Records indicate that raw honey is the most ancient of sweeteners, was used all throughout the world and dates back millions of years.

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Best lamb liver with caramelised onion & grapes


We’ve all heard that including more offal in our diet is not only nutritionally beneficial but is also good for the planet, yet our squeamishness and perhaps our lack of previous offal cooking experience often stops us from trying things like chicken liver and sweetbreads. However, cooking lambs liver or chicken hears  are easier than you think and can be very delicious if you know what to pair them with. [Read more…]

Chia seeds – superfood or hype?


What are chia seeds?

Chia Pet – ever heard of it or had one?  This is how chia first became famous, as a little ceramic pot (usually in the shape of an animal) that when watered, the chia would sprout green ‘fur’!  More recently however, chia seeds have come to the forefront as a great nutritious seed – with some touting it the ultimate ‘superfood’.

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