About Rejuvenated For Life


Rejuvenated For Life is a one-stop shop for inspiration, ideas, nutritional knowledge, recipes, resources and thought provoking discussions to help you create your own wellness journey!  From yummy recipes to healthy home tips and the latest nutritional research – we have you covered.  Let us help you rejuvenate your life – now and into the future.

How it all started…

Moving around in similar health and wellness circles, people are bound to bump into each other and discover they have a lot in common. That’s our story! We are two healthy foodies who got chatting over our individual book projects (Claire was writing Optimal Health The Paleo Way and Irena was working on Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook). We soon realised that we shared a very similar philosophy on food and wellness.

We decided to combine our strengths to reach a wider community and share our passion for real food and healthy lifestyle.  We believe in holistic living where a whole is a sum of many small parts and that’s why we wanted to create a ‘whole health’ package – one that includes not just a healthy kitchen, but also a healthy home, mind AND body.  This is how Rejuvenated for Life and the Rejuvenation Program came about – two health nerds on a mission to make eating well and being healthy – FUN!

Our philosophy/mission 

Our mission is to provide credible, well researched information and sensible ideas and inspiration to help you create your own health journey.  We say ‘your own’ health journey because everyone’s journey will be different.  We want to equip you with the right tools so that you can make educated decisions about your own health.  Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, potato couch, a marathon runner, a high-end executive or a stay-at-home mother, Rejuvenated For Life community is all-inclusive and the information and inspiration we provide is for everyone!  Being geographically independent – Claire lives in Perth, Australia while Irena is currently based in London, UK – our goal is to inspire people around the world.

Let us clarify…

Although both of us are well know in the paleo community, and we are passionate about evolutionary health principles, we realised that we want to reach a wider audience with our health message.

Here at Rejuvenated For Life we don’t want to be bound by ‘labels’. Our personal journey and continuous curiosity and desire to learn about what’s best for us means that we have evolved in the way that we eat and live and what we consequently want to advocate to others.

People that have been following us for a while know that we have our own individual take on the paleo template and that everyone should be treated as an individual. There is no ‘one true paleo diet’, or any other diet for that matter, and everyone should devise an eating plan and lifestyle that suits them.

That’s why Rejuvenated for Life is about encouraging an individual approach that draws from all principles such as paleo, primal, Western A Price, clean eating, raw and any other label you may think of!  It is called the Rejuvenated for Life approach – one that incorporates our nutritional knowledge to date (remember, we are also always learning), our knowledge and experience with holistic living, flexibility, acceptance and common sense.

About us


Irena Macri is a recipe developer and food blogger, best known for her paleo inspired cookbook Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook. She is a passionate cook who draws on her love of world cuisines and all-natural ingredients to produce delicious recipes that promote wellness and longevity. She has previously built  a loyal following and an enthusiastic community around her other website Eat Drink Paleo. Irena is the tech savvy one!

Claire Yates is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, holding a Bachelor of Health Science, who is passionate about wholefoods nutrition, health and having fun! She is the author of Optimal Health The Paleo Way and is a self-confessed lover of good food and good coffee. Claire believes that living your best life and eating healthy food should not be boring!